Walk in Beauty ~ I Am That I Am ~

All Is One

15 May
For 27 years, Spiritual Counseling has been my primary calling. As a sensitive & someone who receives intuitively, I've allowed healing information and energies to come through me to serve others through "readings" which support their process of coming to clarity, Truth and the awakening process.

With my children flown out of the nest, Walk in Beauty, my natural skin care product line has become a powerful creative place where I put vivid interest and experience with many alternative healing systems - herbs, aromatherapy, energetic Flower Essences, Reiki & Qi healing - and an exciting alchemical formulating penchant to good use! The result being these amazing healing products that have precious ingredients as well as healing energy.

The journal will be about these areas as well as the captivating process of awakening and the evolution which is dawning.
Om Shanti



I Am That.

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